DCOOL is committed to providing service solutions that are efficient and reliable. Any potential problem will be corrected before anyone becomes aware of it. DCOOL helps you eliminate the risk of high cost repairs, with extended network that provides fast response time and reliable service. We undertake major overhauling, repair and retrofit jobs by our factory-trained engineers. With DCOOL, you can enjoy repair services for your entire HVAC units and systems, including:

    • Chillers - air cooled and water cooled.
    • Cooling towers and evaporative coolers.
    • Condensing units.
    • Air filtration
    • Motors and motor starters.
    • Rooftop and unitary HVAC units.
    • Air handlers.
    • Chilled water and condenser water pumps.
    • Controls—pneumatic, digital automation.
    • Refrigerant monitoring
    • Humidification
    • Fans.
    • Variable frequency drive.

  2. 2Trane Rental Services

    Trane Rental Services

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  3. 3Eddy Current

    Tube Analysis

    Eddy Current Tube Analysis is the recommended scientific method for preventive and predictive maintenance of your heat exchanger to avoid expensive tube leaks with sub sequential damages and unplanned shutdown.

  4. 4UV Lights

    UV Lights Disinfection Systems

    UV Light has been recognized for its benefits as follows:

    • Reduce energy consumption.
    • Reduce maintenance & cleaning.
    • Eliminate mold, bacteria and viruses in the HVAC systems.
    • Defense against airborne infectious diseases.
    • Maintain peak system efficiency.
    • Cut airborne biohazards.


  5. 5Compressor R’newal

    Compressor R’newal

    The R'newal service restores your compressor to like-new specifications and operating condition:

    Thorough cleansing: after dismantling, all compressor parts undergo ultrasonic and high pressure cleaning at 90°C.

    Clearance measurements: detailed calibration of bores, rotors, shafts and capacity control system.

    Mechanical parts: grinding and polishing where necessary to restore Optimal operation.

    Motor: thorough electrical tests, revarnishing or new replacement motor fitted.

    Original quality parts replacement: bearings, gaskets, non-return valve. capacity control valve, lip seal, motor terminals, impellers.

    Remounting: following original specifications for identical results.

    Packing: compressor is painted and packed for shipping to your site.

    Money savings

    you had to replace a failed motor or compressor, it would cost you twice as much as a Trane R'newal service. If you had to replace a complete water chiller this could cost up to 4 times as much as R'newal.

    Maintenance savings

    With R'newal you can avoid unplanned maintenance calls. Unexpected catastrophic failures are eliminated, since your compressor is returned to as-new condition.

    Energy savings

    With R'newal you can avoid unplanned maintenance calls. With an as-new compressor, all equipment parts work at their optimal efficiency level. Which keeps energy costs to a minimum.

  6. 6Oil analysis

    Keep your compressor working longer

    High oil quality ensures the longest possible lifecycle for the compressor Regular oil analysis helps reduce the risk of premature damage and can cut the cost and frequency of oil changes.

    Oil quality can be affected by three main factors:

    Wear: solid particles in the oil can wear components. reducing compressor life.

    Chemistry: Abnormal viscosity due to oil temperature changes caused by moisture or high acidity [TAN) resulting from internal chemical reactions (refrigerant alteration or oil hydrolysis)

    Contamination: moisture in the refrigerant arced.

    These problems are caused by oil overheating, bad vacuums, water, refrigerant or air leaks, arid additives.

    Predictive maintenance for reduced Operating costs

    Trane Oil Analysis is a predictive tool used to detect minor issues before they become major problems. It also reduces failure detection time and allows planning for appropriate maintenance.

    Oil changes can be reduced by half resulting in lower operating costs and a lower impact on the environment.

    Trane Oil Analysis:

    • is available for all compressor technologies and brands
    • is available for any HVAC oil
    • provides fast results (within 5 working days)
    • includes comments and corrective recommendations
    • includes comparisons with previous analysis, enabling tracking of oil change evolution

  7. 7Trane Adiabatic Cooling

    The simple, reliable solution

    Turn to Adiabatic Cooling from Trane and the problems are solved. It's a unique system that improves the performance of all air cooled equipment operating in adverse conditions. Without requiring energy use to provide its cooling effect, Trane Adiabatic Cooling improves reliability and efficiency.

    Benefits Include:

    Reduction of system power input: a 10°C temperature drop delivers a 13% reduction in power consumption, bringing immediate cost savings.

    • Delivery of design capacity without interruptions when ambient air temperature reaches summer peaks above design.
    • Enhanced compressor life due to reduced discharge temperature. 
    • The mesh placed in front of the coils provides shading which overcomes the solar radiation effect on coils.
    • The mesh also acts as a self cleaning filter protecting the coils.

  8. 8Duct Cleaning

    Duct Cleaning

    Utilizing state of the art Duct Cleaning equipment, the air conveyance ducts are cleaned by mechanical agitation devices to dislodge dirt and other contaminants from the ductwork and all other HVAC system components. A powerful HEPA-AIRE, HEPA filtered vacuum/collection system is then used to pull and capture the contaminants of the duct system. A complete package, specially tools and ancillary items for cleaning and decontaminating residential and commercial HVAC systems, along with highly qualified technicians are available at your dispense only a phone call away.

  9. 9Specialized Services

    Specialized Services

    Supply & Installation of highest quality standard condenser and evaporator coil for all AC equipment, Anti-corrosive factory coated coils, Protective coating for your existing AC equipment with highly qualified team.